One of the walls inside the Alhambra. The Arabic carvings begun in the 14th Century, are incredibly intricate and are said to have 10,000 inscriptions, many of them being repeated, such as: “There is no victor but Allah”, “Rejoice in good fortune, because Allah helps you.” Some are only single words like “Happiness” and “Blessing.”Continue Reading


Fantastic weekend in Granada, not only sampling wonderful tapas, wine and beer of course, but a chance to visit the Alhambra. Breathtaking in its scale and the overwhelming low-relief wall sculpture and tile work. Decoration everywhere. The setting does help, with the snow-capped Sierra Mountains as a backdrop!Continue Reading


Bradley crosses the mighty Cuck river wending its way through Alfriston. Chilly, but dry day and no wind on 4th January. Happy New Year!Continue Reading


Not a lot of news to report, apart from Sifu the cat having to wear the ‘cone-of-shame’, because he’s been poorly.Continue Reading