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Underfall Yard in Bristol. Another boat in for repair and where the ‘Jonathan Livingston’ boat (shown below) was rebuilt and reborn!Continue Reading


There’s something about boats. Maybe it’s because my Dad was in the Navy, or I enjoy the romanticism of the sea, but I just had to take a photo of this one seen in a recent visit to Bristol. The ‘Jonathan Livingston’ has only recently been re-outfitted by RB Boatbuilders, who have done a stunning job of it. I can’t find any other information about the boat sadly, but she is a thing of beauty.Continue Reading


A walk last Sunday up to the top of Wolstonbury Hill for the very first time, which had a spectacular 360 degree view, and forms part of the South Downs. It’s easy to see the remains of a man-made trench that encircles what one assumes was an iron-age fort.Continue Reading