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It’s not often you come across something that just ‘works’ or you think “That’s perfect.” But, this morning, underneath Brighton Railway Station, someone (who deserves a comedy medal) added to, what was most likely a “We’re-better-in-Europe” poster campaign from Dave, added their own comment, specifically about ‘dodgy’ Dave, who I’m sure would rather this all ‘went away’. Whoever did it, I salute you!Continue Reading


A circular walk last Sunday, near Alfriston, that brings you up behind The Long Man of Wilmington. One of those beautifully clear days that meant you could see for miles – and one of those days that you wanted to go on for ever. Sadly, the photo isn’t able to do it justice.Continue Reading


A weekend visit to Whitstable. Not that I consumed any Oysters, but plenty of people seem to enjoy them. The building in the foreground – the Whitstable Oyster Company – can trace its association with oysters to the 1400s. Popularity of consuming oysters peaked in the 1850s, when around 80 million a year were being sent to Billingsgate Market.Continue Reading