Okay, I know – it should really read Jeremy Wade, the chap who travels round the world hoping to catch a variety of extraordinary ‘river monsters’, and a recent visit to Bristol led us to visit the Aquarium there. Found a series of posters on display which showed Jeremy and the various fish he’d caught, so couldn’t resist snapping (no pun intended) a pic of him and a Piranha. Does look weird.Continue Reading


Haven’t added to the blog recently having been in an accident, with me cycling meeting a car driving across my path, in late August. Unconscious for several minutes, a fractured vertebra, broken left hand and cut to chin. Came round in the ambulance and mercifully, I couldn’t remember anything of the actual impact of the accident. Later found out from the police, the chap was still over-the-limit from the previous night’s drinking. Never been in an accident before, nor been unconscious, and it has taken a while to get back on an even keel. This perhaps may be boring for anyone who can be bothered to read it, but for myself, is cathartic.Continue Reading


Looking to me, more like Terry Thomas than Dalí, in this self-portrait at the Dalí Museum in Figueres, which forms part of a diverse collection of his work. To be honest, I found these few black & white photos of Dalí to be the most interesting part of the collection – staring at the person who could conjure up such bizarre and controversial art.Continue Reading


A holiday in Tamariu in northern Spain, AND in August. Busy time of year as usual, and never visited the Costa Brava before. Very rugged and beautiful, just a couple of hours from the French border. Wonderful colour to the Mediterranean, with very small beaches, lots of holidaymakers, which often made for an interesting time finding a route from where you sat down to the sea, and the ‘drop-off’ to deeper water happened quite quickly. Plenty of small boats nestled in coves and busy running up and down the coast. It’s apparent, both in the boats and houses, the Rich still have money to spend!Continue Reading


A few days holiday in Sanúlcar de Barrameda, west of Jerez last week, and caught the tail end of the Manzanilla Sherry Festival. Lots of ladies in traditional dress enjoying themselves and life!Continue Reading


Huge white Peony seen recently. Head of flower was over 30cm across. Only last a couple of days or so like this.Continue Reading


A bit late to post, but visited some woods in Cardiff earlier in May and, like so many other places around Britain, the Bluebells put on a spectacular show again this year.Continue Reading


It’s not often you come across something that just ‘works’ or you think “That’s perfect.” But, this morning, underneath Brighton Railway Station, someone (who deserves a comedy medal) added to, what was most likely a “We’re-better-in-Europe” poster campaign from Dave, added their own comment, specifically about ‘dodgy’ Dave, who I’m sure would rather this all ‘went away’. Whoever did it, I salute you!Continue Reading


A circular walk last Sunday, near Alfriston, that brings you up behind The Long Man of Wilmington. One of those beautifully clear days that meant you could see for miles – and one of those days that you wanted to go on for ever. Sadly, the photo isn’t able to do it justice.Continue Reading


A weekend visit to Whitstable. Not that I consumed any Oysters, but plenty of people seem to enjoy them. The building in the foreground – the Whitstable Oyster Company – can trace its association with oysters to the 1400s. Popularity of consuming oysters peaked in the 1850s, when around 80 million a year were being sent to Billingsgate Market.Continue Reading