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Beautiful flowers and plants for sale at the Mong Kok flower market on Kowloon. Prices varied tremendously. For example, the orchids shown here were around £6.00, but saw others for £14.00. The variety of flowers, plants and colours on display was simply staggering.Continue Reading


Visited Tsim Sha Tsui Museum on Kowloon and there was an exhibition on display by Wu Guanzhong (1919-2010). Recognised, apparently, as the founder of modern Chinese painting. Beautiful style, and (above) is just part of a painting titled ‘A fishing Harbour’ (140cm x 180cm). Incredibly contemporary feel to his work, even in his later life, and incredibly energising to walk round the exhibition.Continue Reading


Had a fabulous visit to Hong Kong last year to see my son, and on the ‘list-of-things-to-do’ was getting a Chinese Chop made of my name. Visited Man Wa Lane to see a chop-maker, who wrote an example of my name in old- and new-style characters. Opted for the new, and he told me, if I wanted, I could have it ready in half an hour! Continue Reading


Last year, my brother-in-law, photographer Paul ( asked: “Would I like to drive a car for Honda around Lisbon for 3 days, be put up in a very nice hotel, and be paid.” Naturally I said “YES!!” Grabbed the opportunity, and although we worked long hours, who wouldn’t swap the dreary weather we had in the UK for the warmth and sunshine of Portugal!? The scenery around Setúbal, in particular, the Arrábida mountain, was spectacular. Honda were launching the European re-vamped HR-V and various photos were required for journalists to use in print and online.Continue Reading